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As a military family, we've lived on the other side of the world and moved cross-country more than once. Whether we're exploring new places, or needing that familiar sense of home, nothing beats saving those memories in photos.

Our trips look a little different these days with a little one in the mix, but I can still have a bag packed and ready to go in under an hour ;)


You’re falling in love, hiking incredible trails, or taking your little ones on some of their first big adventures, and you want to remember these moments forever.

That’s why I’m here, pulling up in my Subi, camera and coffee in hand, ready to hang and have the most amazing adventure with you.

Need help carrying your wedding dress train over the sand? Want to camp with the fam but aren’t sure how to pack? Still have no dang clue what to do with your hands in photos?


Hey Y'all Hey Y'all Hey Y'all

I'm Hannah, and you'll most likely find me outside, probably with a cup of coffee. If it's a good day I'm on the trail or boogie boarding the waves. But if it's a GREAT day, I'm in a canoe.

My love languages are quality time, Tex Mex, and camp coffee around a backcountry fire (Leave No Trace approved, of course).

I had the worst experience with our wedding photographer - the quality, the service, "lost" photos in the mail. That experience left me so salty about photo sessions, I wasn’t sure I’d ever be willing to invest my trust and money in another photographer.

Fast forward a bit…My husband and I were nearing the end of our time living in Guam. Even though we’d only been there a couple of years, we knew that this tiny island had truly changed our lives. We wanted to remember that feeling forever, so we found an incredible photographer who helped us plan an experience that was just SO US.

We hiked out to our favorite beach under a cotton candy sunrise sky and swam in a waterfall deep in the jungle. It wasn’t just a photo session. It was an experience that was true to us as a couple and the places we loved in that chapter of our lives. It was an opportunity for us to reconnect with each other in a place that felt like home.

I want that for you too.

You grab your loved ones, I'll help ya plan the sweetest adventure. Let’s capture this season of your life together.

here's the truth...

If you're in or planning a trip to one of these amazing places, let me know! I just might have a big discount for ya ;)

• Big Bend National Park
• Guam
• Alaska
• Iceland
• Utah
• Western Oregon

travel Bucket List

How do photos of your next great adventure sound?


tex mex is life

A girl after my grandmother's heart. I will NEVER turn down a good plate of Tex Mex - chili relleno, enchiladas, a legit street taco. Serve it with a Tecate next to a campfire for bonus points.

Florida does not have adequate Tex Mex, #ProveMeWrong


we're a military family

My husband is basically James Bond, minus the women and martinis...Okay, maybe he's more like an average airline pilot...It's unpredictable and wild sometimes, but gosh the ride is always worthwhile. I love that God's given us this opportunity to chase our dreams and raise a family in a life full of adventure.

PS: No, I will not let the military steal me from you on your wedding day. Promise.


I used to work at six flags over Texas

Lemme just tell you, the old rides are the best. Out of the thirteen I could run, getting covered in oil at the Chaparral Antique Cars, and manually pushing trains at the Judge Roy Scream were the most fun days.


my next dream trip is Iceland

Hiking ✔ Glaciers ✔ Whale Watching ✔

Sign me right up. If you've thought about a wedding or vacay in Iceland, we may need to chat real quick about a discount in your future...

*Obviously not my photo, thanks to Pexels


I'm very guilty of wearing socks with sandals*

I swear it's only those cozy wool socks with Chacos! You can take the girl outta the backcountry, but you can't take the backcountry outta the girl ;)

Not pictured, but def wore them at this campsite. Also wore them to class on cold winter Lubbock, TX days...

fun facts

soaking up all of today's adventure, and making room for all the new ones to come

cruising the sky over places we call home

exploring dusty slot canyons

following this guy just about everywhere (minus deployments)

making friends with the owners of every "wagon" we visit on our travels

winding through cacti and ocotillos in search of adventure

skipping, walking, or crawling along ridgelines, depending on the mood ;)

creeping through dripping caves

standing over the stove heat of coffee + bacon on a cold camp morning

soaking in the silence of a frozen dewy morning

snuggling with these people I love so dearly

sinking into a world of coral and octopus and shark pups

flipping through the worn pages of old family photo albums

exploring dusty streets in far away canyons

listening to water ripple off rock walls through Santa Elena Canyon

sippin' topo chico in a canoe on the Rio Grande


crashing through waves on star sand Guam beaches

U'L Fi ...

Are you ready to plan your next wild adventure?

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